Toddler Sharing

The hubs and I have been working hard to get Doodlebug to learn to share with her baby brother. She’s at that very possessive, “That’s mine!” stage. Chubs grabs a toy and she is across the room in a flash to yank it out of his pudgy little fingers. There is a cute sadness about him when she does things like this. He just loves her so much and it breaks his tiny little heart when she is so selfish.

Seriously though, kids are just about the most selfish little people on earth! Sure, they don’t know any better but I have found myself thinking not so positive thoughts when they demand cookies or constant carrying around the house. I’ve even told my husband that so and so “was being a real a**hole today.” when he came home from work. To which he grabs said child and repeats in a cutesy baby talk voice,”were you being an a**hole for mama today? Good!” with a smirk. Yes, they’re selfish. Yes, they drain the life right out of you. Yes, they can drive you to the edge of insanity, but OH how I love them! So even though I’m aging and gaining gray hairs and wrinkles by the second, I adore them and my role in their lives!

On to the issue of sharing! So, after months of reprimanding her for taking EVERYTHING he wanted to hold, she has finally shared! Yes, it could have caused him to choke and die but I’d like to think this was not her intention. Hope, rather. Although I wouldn’t put it past her. She has been known to push him away from every ledge he grabs so that he tumbles to the floor and bonks his head. She also shows zero remorse once done. After returning to the room where he was playing in his pen I discovered the treats that she had dumped in for him.

Shared treats

In a mom panic I grabbed him and fished out 3 dried cranberries and 2 cheerios (This kid can pack it in!) and the poor little dude gives me that same cute sad expression. Now I’m the one not sharing, but it’s to prevent certain death so I’m excused. 🙂

Now how do you explain to a 2 year old that the baby can’t have dried cranberries? By the time she would finally get the message, he’d be old enough to have them and she’d be telling him he can’t so I just explain that “we don’t drop food in the playpen”. Good enough.

Speaking of treats! Have you ever tried this tasty mix?

Cornbread & milk Cornbread & milk

My mom has done this since forever and I love it too! Cornbread in milk! It’s like dessert! I use honey cornbread or add a touch of stevia to regular cornbread, but oh my! Super tasty!


NOTE!!!  Now don’t go getting all offended and forming opinions that I’m a bad mother. Yes, occasionally I have referred to my kids as a**holes, jerks, brats, punks, or worse but NEVER within earshot and of course with a measure of sarcasm. I’m the one who carried them for 9 months and pushed them out of my hooha so I can call them whatever I want! Of course I am totally in love with them and if anyone else in the universe referred to them as the above, they would get a swift kick to the face or punch to the face! (Anyone catch the Nacho Libre voice I wrote that in?)



2 thoughts on “Toddler Sharing

  1. Amen! Sometimes kids are a-holes. And sometimes adults are too. It just happens. My niece (who’s five) told me the other day that the food I made her tasted “like puke.” I wanted to punch her in her adorable little face and then die a little inside. However, I sucked it up and told her that if she didn’t like it she just had to say she didn’t like it. Then I told her she had to eat it anyway because this wasn’t a diner.

    I’m not relishing when my 13-month old can tell me my food tastes like poo.

    Thank you for finally saying what no one has the guts to say outside of their spouses. Sometimes your kids are a**holes but you love them anyway.

  2. Oh Laura! Lol! I’m not looking forward to the brutally honest, and equally inconsiderate, comments that my kids will come up with! You cracked me up! Thanks for sharing!

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