Before vs. After

There are no words to express how grateful I am that God has blessed me to be a mom and work from home! It is the greatest thrill to be able to be the one who takes care of your babies and who witnesses the “firsts” instead of hearing about them from another! This is my absolute dream come true!

I often think about all of the things I knew about parenting before I ever even thought of trying to conceive. Here are a few before vs. after thoughts that I’ve had:

  • BEFORE: Stay/work at home moms are lazy and sit around watching TV all day. I could NEVER be one! I would always “contribute” to our household just as my husband does.
  • AFTER: SAHM/WAHM’s have the most exhausting, difficult, yet rewarding job on earth! Not only do they “contribute”, what they do carries far beyond any monetary value could reach! It’s a 24/7 constant, ongoing privilege. (Also, in many cases, staying home can save the family TONS on daycare/babysitting costs.)
  • BEFORE: I will never allow my child to cry or fuss in public!
  • AFTER: LMAO! As if you could control it!! If a baby/toddler wants to cry or fuss, there’s just no stopping it! Unless you’re willing to shove sugar down their throat, which can actually lead to further issues.
  • BEFORE: I will absolutely never co-sleep! It leads to needy kids with attachment issues.
  • AFTER: My daughter slept with us until she was a year and a half because it created the best sleep for everyone. My son lasted 7 months and ended up getting the most rest on his own. Each child is different. You have to do what you know will provide each person with the best rest. Research before you judge and go with your gut.
  • BEFORE: I won’t keep my child rear facing past a year of age.
  • AFTER: Seriously?!?! After research I discovered it’s FIVE TIMES safer! Proven! Five times less likely to result in death! No contest! We rear face to the max!
  • BEFORE: No juice, candy, chocolate, cookies or any other unnatural, unhealthy, or refined sugars!
  • AFTER: Although I try very hard to limit refined sugar, every kid has been given the “shut up” sugars! It’s inevitable. If you haven’t, stop reading my blog. We aren’t cool anymore.
  • BEFORE: I will never let my kids swish their hands around in our toilet water!
  • AFTER: This one still stands, although it has occurred in the 60 seconds that it takes for me to grab a load from the dryer. My bad! (Calm down mom! I thoroughly doused her in antibacterial soap and she didn’t die! I’m a good mom still! Chill!)

It’s amazing how your assumptions about parenting can change once you actually become one! I wish I could go back in time and tell the younger me what parenting is actually all about! I’d also mention that she should stop complaining about her beautiful figure and enjoy it more! That she should be naked more. Actually just walk around naked for a day because that stuff is all going south after kids!

So what are some before vs. after situations that you’ve experienced?



4 thoughts on “Before vs. After

  1. Oh man, we’re a total naked family. Love naked family time. If that makes me weird or a hippie, I’ll take it. Even my kids like being naked. C’est La Vie!

  2. I used to be all for CIO no matter what. Oh boy, has that changed, as you know every child is different, and my son constantly tests what I thought I knew. lol Also that mom’s were like baby whisperers…NOT. I think they eventually tire of us just the same as we do of them.

    We’ve also been known to go naked a time or two. When I breast fed, I hardly ever had my top on, so what’s the difference? lol

  3. before: I would never favor 1 of my kids or look like I favored 1 of my kids by having more pictures or a completed baby album for 1 and like nothing at all for the next… after: 1 complete album, 1 partially filled album, 1 album not out of the plastic yet… Sigh..… it’s not about favoritism it’s about time and tiredness LOL

  4. I second all of the before/afters you have. Some of mine:
    Before: if you want your kid to sleep longer than 2 hours, let them CIO. It won’t kill them
    After: I am NOT going to let my baby CIO. My daughter slept with us until she was 2 when baby brother was born & thankfully she was ready to transition to her big girl bed in her room. Our 1 year old is still in our bed. It’s what gets us the most sleep!
    Before:you can’t give into your kids ever or they’ll never listen
    After: choose your battles!
    Before: if they would spank them every once in a while, maybe they’d mind
    After: we practice non physical /positive parenting
    Before: why would anyone choose to home school? Their kids won’t get to socialize….talk about over protective
    After: we have a 3 year old & figuring out what kind of schooling we will choose is proving to be stressful!

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