Ladies and gentlemen!!! It happened! After weeks and weeks I finally shaved my legs! Joy!!
What? Are some of you confused as to why this is such a joyous event? Let me enlighten you.
I used to take baths every single night. Candles, bath salts, music, loofah. My bathroom was my oasis. My retreat from all of the chaos of the world. Then I had two gorgeous kids. Now days my routine is quite different. IF I’m able to jump in the shower its always a race to get the essentials and get out. Hair, pits, lady bits. My arms fly about with speedy precision as suds splatter everywhere. I’m in and out and dressed in about 6 minutes. In place of my music, I have kids. Crying kids who shove their tiny fingers under the bathroom door like they know it will melt me with super human cuteness.
Needless to say, shaving anything is an absolute luxury! Luckily I never wear shorts. If I did someone might take a blurry picture of me and turn it into Ripley’s Believe It or Not.
So this evening, after getting 2 fussy butt babies to bed, I recreated my former indulgence. A hot bath and some salts. I soaked for about 5 minutes when I heard the baby start crying. My heart dropped and I started for my towel. But wait! What’s this? The hubs has swooped in and applied his signature bounce, swoop sway! It worked! That was my green light!
Yes my bathtub looks like I just bathed a caveman but I’m officially a girl again! I even used lotion!!
So now maybe you see why I feel victorious, elated and feminine! Now excuse me while I stare at my legs before bed.



5 thoughts on “Victory!

  1. HAHA! While I was pregnant and on bedrest my husband would help me shave. Now, I’m lucky if I get 3 showers a week. (hubby works nights and sleeps during the day) We did try co-bathing but that still leaves me looking like Chebacca’s (sp) half-cousin.

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