Clingy McClingerson

There’s this thing that my kids do. They pretend that I’m a jungle gym and climb all over me…at the same time! Chubs is a pro crawler now and has started following me around the house. This would be fine if he did it without crying and screaming at the top of his lungs. Seriously, this kid clings to me like seran wrap! No, like Press n’ Seal wrap! Anytime I set him down to do any type of productive activity he wails and wails until he passes out. Well, I always pick him up before passing out, but if I didn’t he most certainly would! He is just like his dad! Stubborn and relentless when he wants something. So, why do I put up with carrying him and holding him more often than not? Because someday, in the very near future, my baby boy won’t want to be held by me and I will miss it. I’ll miss his little pudgy hands smacking my chest in victorious joy when I pick him up. I’ll miss how he rests his head on my shoulder. The way his pupils dilate as we stare into each other’s eyes. He’ll be too big or too busy for extended cuddling.
So today, instead of accomplishing a few tasks from my giant list, I’m a jungle gym. I wouldn’t have it any other way.





6 thoughts on “Clingy McClingerson

  1. Could he BE ANY cuter?! I mean, seriously. My monkey hardly ever wants to cuddle with me. He wants to be everywhere at once. The only time I get to squeeze in also involves getting mauled as he fights bed time. So I can totally relate to taking full advantage of cuddle time.

  2. Omg i totally get this! Some days Im a slide, a swing, a huge living breathing jungle gym! But sadly my days are numbered because other days he wants to do anything else but be held and cuddled by his old mom. They are definetly treasured moments when my doodle cuddles and falls asleep in my arms.

  3. I love this. My husband lectures me on holding our daughter too much. But I know she’ll be too big and too busy all too soon!

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