The Sticky Sweet Stench of Life

I remember when I used to frequent the mall in my early 20’s. I’d buy so many smelly body sprays and expensive perfumes. I enjoyed smelling attractive. It made me feel lovely.
These days I have a new scent. I call it Eau De Momi. I’ve caught a whiff of it every now and then and have really tried to determine what makes up this interesting odor. Here’s what the Eu De Momi perfume bottle would say:
“An intoxicating mix of dish soap and bounce fabric softeners with nods of regurgitated beast milk and perspiration.”
I wear this smell like a boss! I’ve noticed another scent that I had initially thought was me but have now determined is not. It’s the smell of my kids and it has imprinted itself on my home. Try as I may, I’m unable to successfully clean it away. I’m not talking the smell of them after a fresh bath. The other one. You know it. That sticky sweet stench that they accumulate throughout the day. It smells like fruit, Cheerios, milk, cookies, urine, jam and cheese. All mixed into a shake and left in the sun for an hour. That smell. After 2 years of kids in my home, its been absorbed into the pores of the floors, furniture and walls. (Thank God for Febreze although it’s only a temporary fix). I have mopped and disinfected like crazy but to no avail.
These are the smells of my life. The funny thing is, I’m pretty used to them now. I actually wonder if I’ll miss that slobbery, smushed, arrowroot cookie smell when their not a messy baby and toddler but rather 2 little people who use napkins and can pick up their messes. I don’t think I will, but I wonder.
So, what does your life smell like??




One thought on “The Sticky Sweet Stench of Life

  1. I also smell like fenugreek under all that and I don’t wear sprays because the baby is super sensitive. I’ve often thought about this new mommy scent. Must be so appealing to our husbands. 🙂

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