Don’t Hate! Appreciate! Shoot…

Let’s see…what would you like to judge me for today? Here, I’ll help you decide! A list! You can refer back on days that you can’t think of anyone or anything to pass judgement on:
• I breastfeed! Might even choose to continue after the 12 month mark!
• I rear face my children’s car seats to the MAX, risking bent knees and everything!
• I choose to cloth diaper, use amber necklaces and baby wear! Consider me a hippy/earthy/crunchy/tree hugging mama or whatever you prefer to call it.
• I own a “China diaper” cloth diaper company! Feel free to insert snotty, prejudice comments below. Oh, and be sure you don’t do any research as to whether I’ve looked into the working conditions and safety testing of my manufacturer or whether or not I comply with CPSIA regulations! Just assume the worst.
• I co-slept with both of my children. Looks like I’ll have a couple of clingy weenies right?
• I am a work at home mom (WAHM)! Therefor I sit around eating Cheetos and watching soap operas and reality tv while my poor hubs works his fingers to the bone.
• I’m a born again believer in God and raise my children to be as well! You can go ahead and assume that means I don’t respect their rights to choose and make their own decisions.
• I had medicated hospital births. Was it what I wanted or was I medically forced to do so? Don’t find out details, just rush to judgement!
• I shop at Walmart! Ghetto right?
• I don’t choose the “cry it out” method. Again, needy kiddos on the horizon!
Here’s just a few to help get you started. Or, perhaps…just maybe, you’ll choose to respect my rights to choose what’s best for me, my family and our future? Maybe you’ll see that I’m a wife and mother, making decisions based on what I truly think is most beneficial for us? That we do have a few things in common! We love our children and only want the best for them. We are all different and have different beliefs and as long as our belief isn’t illegal, immoral or seriously hazardous to ourselves or others, we should respect it!

I do not and will not ever pass judgement on you! Are you a parent? Single? Gay? Married? Unmarried with kids? Do you cloth diaper? Use disposables? Baby wear? Formula feed or breastfeed? Drive a diesel fueled vehicle? Sure, maybe! I accept you for you! If I don’t agree or believe in something you’re doing you won’t hear it from me unless you ask for my personal opinion.
There’s enough hate, disrespect and anger in the world. How about today you decide not to contribute to it? How about you smile and decide to pull a positive out of your negatives? Why not choose to set an example of love, acceptance and open minded appreciation of others? Let’s lead by example for our children, friends, family and coworkers and consider what our legacy will be? What will they say about you when you’re dead and gone? That you were a bitter, judgmental person who condemned and belittled?? I pray not! Make better choices! Behave like the sweetest person you know or have heard of. Leave a positive legacy! Seriously dude…you’re making my head hurt!


*Side note*
This post isn’t meant to sound mean or anything! I just see and hear so many negative things and thought I’d say my piece. Feel free to say yours in the comments but please be respectful or you’re out. 😉


8 thoughts on “Don’t Hate! Appreciate! Shoot…

  1. We have pretty much all the above in common. Except, I’m a construction estimator working from home while mommying. I buy from a wonderful “China” company, though (YOURS). 🙂
    Head up, mama. Smiles all around and PASS THE DARN CHEETOS!

  2. Well… I *just* found your diaper site. And my husband is going to post an order this evening. I have been cd’ing for over ten years. Began with Chinese prefolds, moved to AIOs, then fitteds, and now… I’ve decided I want to do pockets… And the reviews I’ve read about LPDs have convinced me!

    I have 8 children ages newborn to ten (so I am overpopulating the planet), I have had 7 c-sections, drive a large passenger van- so there go my green points (but if you divide our fuel mileage by the ten of us… We get better economy per person than those tiny cars!), I homeschool (gasp!), am a born again believer, use sposies for overnight diapering, and shhh… I shop at Walmart… Not a fan of Cheetos… But if you have some Chex Mix, I’d love to share. *wink*

    No judgements- we have enough to worry about in this world than to pass judgement…. Worrying about theoretical in my own eye. :). Haven’t had a chance to read your other posts… But this one was great! Looking forward to trying out your dipes on my two little ones. (16 month and newborn)!

  3. Oh those darn china diapers! 🙂 I cloth diaper because #1 it’s better for my baby and the extremely close #2 that it is cheaper! Umm $7 cloth diapers? Yes, please. 🙂

  4. LOL YOU ROCK!! I’m still breastfeeding my darling 22month old, let the snickers begin 😉 Oh and also we have a 20yr old, 13yr old and a 22month old *gasp* What were we thinking, LOL 😉 The list can go on and on BUT I think that enough to deem me a crazy bwahahaha BTW your china diapers rock!!

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