Crane Humidifier Review/Giveaway

So I have wanted to try a Crane humidifier ever since my first born in 2010. She got sick at only 2 weeks old and we bought this crazy expensive brand that ended up being returned twice and was a total piece of poo! Needless to say, when the kids both caught RSV about a month or more ago, I began researching humidifiers again and always came back to the raving reviews of the Crane models. I have this blog going and thought maybe I’d be able to host a review for one so I contacted them. Worst case scenario they say “no” right? Well I got an email from a super sweet rep named Katie saying they’d be happy to send me one!! Seriously guys, I acted as if someone had just arrived at my doorstep with a giant cardboard check! I was stupid happy!

I selected the GORGEOUS Green Drop model for my review. I honestly imagined these humidifiers to be sort of basketball sized and was pleasantly shocked when it arrived! It’s so much larger than I had anticipated! The color is so vibrant and the shape is so sleek and lovely! It’s like having a piece of art on my table. I’m serious! I friggin loved the look of this thing!

photo 1 (8)

I didn’t need to review the instructions as it is super simple to operate and this isn’t my first rodeo. It has three parts, base, body and cap. The base holds the machinery, the body is the water tank and the cap or spout sits on top disguising the handle and controlling what direction the cool mist sprays (360*). It’s filter free, so no worrying about changing those annoying things, and uses less energy than a standard light bulb! I filled the tank, plugged her in and clicked it on. Before I could place the cap on top it was already bellowing cool mist! Super fast! Once the cap is on it shoots a perfect fluffy cloud of cool mist into the air! You can control the amount using the dial on the front.

photo 3 (8)             photo 4 (8)

photo 2 (8)

I’m happy to report that a full tank (0.9 Gallon) lasted over a day and a half of use on a medium setting! My kids, who have residual coughing and thick mucus still from the RSV, coughed less within 2 hours of having this in our living room! (We’re in New Mexico… the desert! It’s crazy dry! Usually we get by just fine with our dry skin and hair but when we get sick it’s much harder to deal with, especially with young’ins.) I placed it in Chubs room at night and he sounded so much better than before. Not so dry and raspy. I could tell his mucus was loosening! Plus, this thing makes zero noise, unlike our previous model, and has an auto shut off safety sensor so I had no issues leaving it in his room. The safety features and it’s ability to address his symptoms brought such peace of mind! We all wish we could just snap our fingers and remove the illness and discomfort for our babies (especially when they’re too young for most medicines) so knowing that this mist was easing my sweet boy’s body meant so much!

Needless to say, my lovely Crane humidifier has been heaven! I find myself gazing at it with like a high school crush and stalking the mailman so I can pop the door open and casually show off my new prize as he tries to drop my mail. I’m just so proud of my new addition! Lol!

The other awesome thing is that there’s a style or color to suit every home! Just look at the gorgeousness!

Crane Drop Humidifiers

How about one of these cuties for your child’s nursery??



So, Crane not only gave me one, but Katie offered one up for my readers as well!! WOOT! Yes, YOU can have a gorgeous Green Drop model just like this lucky lady right here! Just enter on the Rafflecopter below and keep your fingers crossed that you too will be welcoming strangers at your door showing off your humidifier like Vanna White!

(Giveaway ends 3/9/2013)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer* I was given this product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest views and opinions which were in no way paid for or influenced by anyone.


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