Green Sprouts “Best Toddler Waterproof Bib” Review

I’m one of those borderline OCD moms that insisted on spoon feeding her kid for waaay too long in order to avoid the sloppy messes that babies make when self feeding. I learned quickly this was doing more harm than good for my Doodlebug’s development and decided to let her go to town. Needless to say, I quickly realized the value of a good bib.
By the time Chubs came I had become quite the bib connoisseur! I could tell just by looking at a bib whether or not it’d hold up to my seriously messy kiddos. I have tiny cloth bibs, medium crunchy backed bibs and large plasticky bibs with a pocket. I favored the pocket since the vast majority of my kid’s food ends up in their laps. The crappy part was that they were hard to clean, shrunk when accidentally put in the dryer and molded! Ya, molded. Pretty gross!
So I heard of these Best Toddler Bibs from Green Sprouts/iplay. and decided I’d be the judge of whether or not they truly are the best.

I Play./ Green Sprouts
I was super surprised by how light and thin the material was. It’s made from a super light weight, waterproof fabric that is BPA and PVC free. It reminded me of very thin umbrella material. There’s a strong velcro closure and a deep pocket for catching food.

IMG_3465 IMG_3466 IMG_3467

Deep pocket

Deep pocket

I put this baby through the wringer these past 2 weeks and am in love! It truly is the very best bib I’ve tried! Even when put up against soup, syrup, drinks and oatmeal my kiddos stayed clean! Well, their chest at least.

Soup and tomato didn't leak through!

Soup and tomato didn’t leak through!

I hand washed and hung dried for the most part, although I did use the washer and dryer to see how it’d hold up. It did perfectly! No shrinking at all.

After about 10 uses! Still gorgeous!

After about 10 uses! Still gorgeous!

I have to admit, I thought $16 for 2 bibs was a tad pricey, but this bib easily defeats all of its competitors and will surely outlast them! It’s absolutely worth the price! Still too frugal? I have a special code for 25% off just for you!! Use code: IPwebfan13 at checkout and get a quarter off your next purchase! Woot!

Shop HERE!


*Disclaimer* I was given this product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest views and opinions which were in no way paid for or influenced by anyone.


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