Rumina Hands-Free Pump & Nurse Tank Review/Giveaway

I nursed/nurse both of my kiddos. Doodlebug for a year and Chubs is looking to go past a year which is totally fine by me. Being a work at home mom, I’m able to nurse him on demand and only need to pump when I need supply for Granny to keep for when I’m away longer than 4-6 hours. I had pretty much given up my search for two “nursing mom” items. The first is a good, under wire, attractive nursing bra and the second, a decent nursing top/tank. I have searched and tried tons and have never really been satisfied.

I recently came across a newer company called Rumina. I looked over the information for their Hands-Free Pump & Nurse Tank and was more than intrigued! Not only was it attractive, it had features that I wished the previous brands I had tried didn’t. It had a built in bra, allowed for hands free pumping and still had the clasp that allows for easy nursing access.I was so interested that I contacted them and they were gracious enough to give me one to review.

logo_105px                               Rumina

I selected the “Classic” style as the cut was a bit more flattering. I think a little classy cleavage can be very attractive on a woman and it makes me feel like I’m still putting forth a bit of effort to catch my hubby’s eye. It arrived quickly and I ripped into the package like a kid on Christmas morning. I was a bit more than shocked to feel this top! My initial reaction was that this is NOT a cheaply manufactured tank! It is made of a thick, sturdy, durable, soft knit, stretchy fabric. I didn’t wait to wash it. I threw it on right away.


My first impression: I love the quality of the fabric! I LOVE that you can’t see through it! Many mamas may still be wearing maternity pants and there’s nothing worse than having to layer on 2-3 shirts to keep the waist bands from showing through. This was absolutely not an issue with this tank. Also, it is that kind of stretching that ensures a comfortable snug fit whether you’re pregnant, postpartum or back to pre baby weight. It holds snugly to your body without losing its stretch over time and will grow or shrink with your changing body. Major bonus points here!

Now, I am not a fan of “built in bras”. I am a D-cup and these types of bras just don’t cut it when it comes to support. Yes, I’ve had and nursed two babies, but I’d like my bras to give the illusion that my girls still look 20! These “built in’s” typically did a very poor job of disguising my less than perky pair. I like to be held up securely and with minimal discomfort. I have always worn a bra under my “built in bra” tanks. Always. So naturally, I left my bra on when I tried this top. It was totally uncomfortable and bulky and weird so I removed my bra with little hope of being impressed. The discomfort went away and I noticed the tank’s bra was actually pretty dang cozy on it’s own. It also felt pretty snug on the girls. It wasn’t until I moved into the mirror and starred at my reflection that I noticed it. It held them UP! This tank, on it’s own, without additional bra support, held up my D’s! They looked great! It has a super flattering neckline and provides super flattering support! (Insert heavenly chorus!!!) There are some extra layers of fabric along the bust that needed to be flattened out and smoothed but this took like 10 seconds and was hardly a “con”. I also love the cinching along the bust. It really makes it fashionable as well as functional.

Next I tested out the nursing clasp and hands free pumping features. I admit that I just yank my shirt down at the neck and nurse my son without utilizing the clasp features on nursing bras. It stretches the bra out but I’m lazy at 3am and don’t usually care. However, since this tank is bra and shirt in one I do use the clasp and it’s a piece of cake to unlatch one handed. The clasp is also a higher quality, stronger plastic than previous ones I’ve used. I brought out my pump, gave the instructions included in the package a once over and popped them on. Even without the suction turned on they held very securely on their own and only more so once the pump was on. Having two hands while getting this mundane task done was ah-mazing! I was able to type and work at my desk without anything hindering me. I so wish I had this tank when I was pumping at work a year and a half ago! It seriously would’ve saved me so much time!

photo 3

Can you see my dark maternity pants underneath? Not hardly!!

photo 1

Lovely, flattering, smooth tank!

photo 4

Hidden flap and inner fabric to hold pump securely.

Here’s the best part! Rumina is giving one very lucky mama a Hands-Free Pump&Nurse tank ($48 value, worth every single penny!) of her choosing!! Just enter below! Make sure to thank them for this awesome giveaway on their Facebook page!! Good luck!


CONGRATS to our winner Libby! Didn’t win? Use code “WPReview” to save 15% and receive free shipping now through April 30th!!

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*Disclaimer* I was given this product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest views and opinions which were in no way paid for or influenced by anyone.


3 thoughts on “Rumina Hands-Free Pump & Nurse Tank Review/Giveaway

  1. Ahh! I want one!!! I’m trying to enter the give away but I click and it doesnt do any thing 😦 the little green enter buttons are just taunting me lol i see them, i click them, and… Nothing. Aw man. Lol is there another way/place to enter?

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