Parking Pal Emergency Phone List Review/Giveaway

So most of you may have heard of or seen the Parking Pal or Penalty Pal magnets. Well Parking Pal has recently released a new Emergency Phone List sticker!

Final Brown Phone List


If you ever have a babysitter watching your kiddos this is a major must have item! It keeps important numbers and information right at your fingertips! Or maybe you’re like my hubby and insist it’s not needed since everyone has cell phones full of info, but what if your beloved cell phone fails? Let me ask you this, do you know the top 5 most important numbers you need by heart? Me neither!! Not only that, but it also has a place for fire, police and doctor info with Poison Control pre-printed on each one for you! Needless to say, this little baby is SERIOUSLY important for every family!

Just fill it out, peel and stick to any surface! You can use permanent marker too! (It’s actually recommended that you use a fine tipped permanent marker for the best results.) It comes right off with rubbing alcohol! Parking Pal says to use 91% alcohol but all I had was 70% and it worked absolutely perfectly at removing the permanent marker! No elbow grease need!

Permanent marker and 70% alcohol.

Permanent marker and 70% alcohol.

Wiped off with no effort!

Wiped off with no effort!

All clean and ready to use again!

All clean and ready to use again!

It peels right off without any leftover stuck on bits! I even moved it from fridge to cabinet without issue! Not to mention they’re made in the USA and super cute! They also have a pink owl design!

Denise, the awesome momtrepreneur behind Parking Pal was generous enough to offer an Emergency Phone List up for a giveaway! Enter below for a chance to win one in your choice of brown or pink owl! Please make sure to pop over to their Facebook page and thank them for this giveaway!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*Disclaimer* I was given this product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest views and opinions which were in no way paid for or influenced by anyone.


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