Pourty Potty Review/Giveaway

My daughter is 2 1/2 years old and approaching potty training. I introduced her to her potty several months ago but she has resisted actually going on it. She’ll sit and pretend to push. She’ll call to her bladder,”Pee pee! Where are you” but never goes. I’m not forcing anything on her. She will go when she’s ready, but we are learning.

She has that traditional toddler potty with the removable center. She likes to take it apart and pretend to drink out of it. She just doesn’t get it yet. So, when I heard of The Pourty I was excited! It’s one solid piece! No removable parts for her to confuse for something else! I contacted them and was overjoyed when Lucy, the wife of Pourty inventor Jon Rathbone, offered me one to review!!


Available colors!

A little about Jon, Lucy and The Pourty in Jon’s words:

“The idea for the Pourty Easy to Pour potty chair was conceived when we were potty training our 2 eldest children. Emptying the potty was such a messy business. I was inspired to find a better way and the Pourty was born. Somehow we had Pourty on the market in time for potty training our 3rd child! It is now one of the bestselling potties in the UK.”

Smart fella!!!

Here’s what I LOVE about this potty! It’s one piece of very strong, sturdy plastic! It’s a bit shorter than the traditional potty chair for toddlers. This puts them in a slightly squatted position. Medical research shows that a squatted position is the best/healthiest position for eliminating your bladder and bowels. (I saw this on Dr. Oz and researched a bit. It’s medically proven!). I love that it’s comfy on her tush and that the rear lip, where you pour the waste out, doesn’t touch her skin. It also pours without dribbling all over the place!

No drip or dribble!

No drip or dribble!

Another thing I noticed was that it’s not as wide as our other potty. This allows it to tuck away beautifully on either side of our toilets. No more tripping over toddler potty’s in the middle of the night. Also, since it’s all one solid piece it’s very easily cleaned! No cracks or cranny’s to have to wipe out! The function and design are the best I’ve seen on the market! LOVE this potty folks!

White Pourty!

White Pourty!

Size comparison

Size comparison

Above shot size comparison.

Above shot size comparison.

So here’s the amazing part! My super stubborn, anti-potty training, 2 year old pooped on this potty!!! I made a big deal about this potty when it arrived in the mail, letting her know her new potty was here and having her sit on it and what not. So when she announced,”poopoo” and I checked her diaper and didn’t see anything yet, I threw her on and she poo’d! Not everything she could have, but it was something! She looked at me like I was nuts when I celebrated her tiny turd, but I think she understood a bit! A small victory, but a victory non the less! Now we have something to build upon. I’d like to think it was the luck of the Pourty, but who knows. 😉

Intrigued?? Want a Pourty for your potty training toddler? Well Lucy was sweet enough to offer one up for a giveaway!! Just enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win! What’s that? Your toddler prefers the big potty that you use? Well make sure to check out their Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer for your little one!

Also, please go show Pourty some love here on Facebook and thank them for this awesome giveaway! This is a great little family business and it’s so generous of them to give free product!

Open to US! Ends 5/16/2013
a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer* I was given this product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest views and opinions which were in no way paid for or influenced by anyone.



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