Meeno Babies Cool Mee Seat Liner Review/Giveaway

We live in New Mexico. It gets friggin hot during the late Spring and all through Summer. I can’t stand anything past 85 degrees and for this reason will never visit or live in Arizona. (I just don’t know how they do it!)

One of the things that I hate the most is driving around, in said temperatures, with no air conditioning. I have previously dealt with this on my own, but now that I have two babies in the hot box with me, I worry. It gets so very hot and I always feel awful when I peel them out of their seat and their backs are drenched with sweat. Not to mention, having to put them into a seat that I’m certain borders on skin burning temperatures. So, I began to research and came across the Cool Mee Seat Liner by Meeno Babies.

photo 1

I received a black Car Seat Liner  (1-4 years) in the mail from them for review and waited anxiously for the hubby to come home and “install” it. Oh how stupid I felt when he pulled it out of the box! You literally just lay it into your seat and pull the buckle up through a hole. That’s it! It has a velcro strap coming off the top of it that comes with a small piece of velcro to adhere to the back of the headrest. this just prevents it from sliding down but it works great without this feature as well. “Installation” took about 30 seconds and my hubby had a nice laugh at how nerdy I am.

photo 2 photo 3

I have tested this thing out for several weeks and absolutely back it up 100%! Not only does my kiddo sit on a cool seat but her back is NEVER sweaty anymore! It seems to allow air to flow freely between her back, bottom and legs and the car seat. She has already spilled her juice and smashed slobbery food into it and I’m happy to report that it washes beautifully! (Air dry only!) I am certain it improves her comfort drastically and am purchasing a second one for my son, who’s back is still sweaty. 😦

If you live anywhere that it gets hot enough for sweaty back syndrome, this is a definite MUST have item for your baby! Meeno Babies also makes a Bucket Seat Liner for the infant car seats (0-12 months) and a Stroller Liner (1-4 years) for when out and about! Read a bit about the science behind how the Cool Mee Liners work HERE!

So who wants one?? All of you should have your hands up because I’m not joking, this baby is Ah-mazing! Meeno Babies has agreed to give one lucky Who Pood? reader ANY Meeno Babies product of their choice!! WOOT! I totally recommend this liner, although their Walk Mee would’ve been super handy when we were working with ChubChub on walking!

Giveaway ends 5/29/2013. Open to US only!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Disclaimer* I was given this product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest views and opinions which were in no way paid for or influenced by anyone.


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