Hooray For Boobies!!

Hooray For Boobies

It’s coming!! Just around the corner! In celebration of lactating mama’s, I’ll be hosting a giveaway event June 10th-16th! There will be TWO prize packs with TONS of goodies! Here’s a preview of some of the companies that have joined up to sponsor!

Mustela – They offer an impressive line of skin care product for everyday use. I’m particularly taken by the array of products for pregnant, postpartum and nursing mamas as well as babies! From stretch marks to sunscreen and deodorant, Mustela has you covered!

Motherlove – For more than 20 years Motherlove has been providing safe, natural, organic products for pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding mamas as well as babies! Their herbal personal care and supplement lines have proven to be a favorite among mothers seeking relief for their pregnant/breastfeeding needs.

Milk Maker’s – Founded by a mom who personally experienced supply issues and understood the need for a solution, Milk Maker’s Lactation cookies and mixes have helped countless mothers increase their supply and continue breastfeeding their babies thanks to a delicious mix of ingredients. In their own words, “At Milkmakers, we are committed to helping moms meet their breastfeeding goals…one cookie at a time. Enjoy!”

Bamboobies – Created by a mother with 6+ years of breastfeeding experience under her belt, Bamboobies were her answer to leaky, clammy, bulky reusable breast pads. With a growing line of pregnancy/breastfeeding products, Bamboobies has quickly become the number 1 choice for many nursing mamas.

Hotslings – “Say bye bye to complicated sizing charts and hello to the infinitely adjustable Hotslings AP! Two strategically placed tri-glides allow the AP to fit comfortably on multiple users while also easily accommodating postpartum body changes.” What nursing mama couldn’t use a fantastic, fashionable sling??

Lactasties – One of the newest lactation cookies on the market! “Lactasties are a natural, nutritious, and delicious way to enhance and enrich your breast milk supply.” A wholesome, tasty treat that’s packed with ingredients to help any nursing mom!

Fairhaven Health – A trusted source for natural fertility, pregnancy and nursing products. Fairhaven has an array of products and supplements to assist nursing mamas with their milk supply.

Milkin’ Cookies – Started by two moms, who just happen to be doctors, Milkin’ Cookies were born after TONS of research and 35 attempts at making one of the very best lactation cookies possible.

Udder Covers – Started by a WAHM who is committed to providing dependable, chic, stylish nursing covers that allow you to maintain eye contact with your baby while enjoying privacy from those around.

AND MORE ROLLING IN DAILY!!! Are you drooling yet? You should be! Share this giveaway with your friends and like our Facebook page for additional updates!


3 thoughts on “Hooray For Boobies!!

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  2. Oooh I can’t wait. I’m pumping for someone else whose milk dried up early as well as bf’ing my son so this would help tremendously!!

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