Lactasties Lactation Cookie Review

Recently my supply has been dwindling a bit. My son just turned 1 but is showing no signs of weaning, which is fine and dandy by me! I’d prefer that he goes for the 18+ month goal. In an effort to revive my supply, I contacted a very new lactation cookie company called Lactasties (crazy cute name) and they graciously agreed to sending me a variety pack to sample!


Lactasties was started by Chef Victoria, who holds degrees in both culinary arts and restaurant management! She is a mother of 5, but it wasn’t until her grandchildren came that she began making her cookies. She saw the need her children had and realized that there are so many mamas out there with the same issue of low supply. Enter Lactasties!

The active ingredients in Chef Victoria’s cookies are similar to others on the market. They contain rolled oats, Brewer’s yeast and flax seed. So what sets them apart from others? The variety of flavors! I was shocked to see more than 3 flavors of cookie on their website! They offer chocolate chip, almond raisin, apple cranberry walnut and cranberry walnut. Hello! They also have options for gluten free and dairy free for those on restrictive diets! They sell the cookies already made as well as the mixes for you to make at home.

The cookies I received (Almond Raisin, Chocolate Chip and Apple Cranberry Walnut) all had very tasty flavors. I noticed that they were larger and more dense than the other brands I’ve tried and they have a crunchy texture as opposed to the super soft variety. I’m a lover of all things cookie, but some really prefer crunch to soft. Well this is your cookie! I found them to taste very homemade. As if a friend had prepared them and brought them to me as a gift.

photo 1 photo 3


On to the result! I ate 2 cookies for dessert one night and noticed by the next morning that my milk had come in much stronger! Not over powering and bursting, but just back to normal! That’s all a girl can ask for! I was very pleased with the overall taste and performance of these cookies!

The price is top notch too! Regular Lactasties are $1 per cookie. The gluten/dairy free options are a little over $1 per cookie! That’s a bargain! The mixes yield approximately 30 cookies and cost between $16-$21! That’s the best deal by far!

Ready to buy some for yourself?? Well they were kind enough to offer a coupon code good for 10% off your order! Use code, “WHOPOOD” upon checkout to get this great deal!! Go shop HERE now!!

Do me a favor and hop over to their FACEBOOK page and thank them for the code as well! Also, they’re sponsoring gifts in both our 1st and 2nd prize packs for our Hooray for Boobies Nursing Mama Giveaway Event June 10-16! Keep your eye out for this great event!

Hooray For Boobies



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