Milkmaker’s “It’s a Mix” Lactation Cookie Mix Review


Milkmaker’s were created by a mama who needed them when her supply dwindled upon returning to work. Once she realized just how beneficial they are, she decided to help other mamas with the same issues. Milkmaker’s have been around for a few years now and are well known for making delicious cookies that aid nursing mamas in keeping their supply up. They do this by including special milk boosting ingredients like oats, brewer’s yeast and flax seed, all of which are proven to increase breast milk production.


Milkmaker’s sell freshly baked cookies as well as their mix so you can bake them from home and enjoy that fresh from the oven taste! Recently I got the opportunity to test their make at home cookie mix, “It’s a Mix”. I was relieved by how easy they were to make! I actually chose to make them on a rather hectic day full of crying, whiny kiddos so I appreciated the simplicity of the preparation! Add 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons of water and a stick of butter. Voila!

photo 2

I used the tablespoon to make heaping balls of dough. This made the perfect sized cookie! I read on the package that it yields 12 cookies but I made 18 easy with it!

photo 3

photo 1

I began to get pretty dang excited as these baked! I tend to lean towards baked goods, cookies in particular, so I was already drooling as I smelled that sweet aroma! They came out perfectly chewy and were OH SO tasty!! The instructions say to eat 1-2 cookies…I ate 6. OK 7 geeze! At least I have an excuse! They’re for my baby!!

photo 4

I decided to freeze the remainder in sandwich baggies so that I can pull two out whenever needed! They’re in my “boobie section” of the freezer. Looks like somebody wants some!

photo 5

So the good news? Their super easy to make, taste AH-mazing, and work fantastically well! My boobs were overflowing within 8 hours!! But the really good part?? My husband won’t touch them! I think he’s afraid of spontaneous lactation! I may feed into that a bit. So they’re ALLLLLL mine!!! Muah ha ha!!

I highly recommend these folks! You can’t go wrong here! So make sure you enter to win one of the TWO prize packs I’m giving away on Monday in my “HOORAY FOR BOOBIES Nursing Mama Giveaway Event”!! There are several bags of “It’s a Mix” up for grabs in these awesome prize packs!!!

Hooray For Boobies


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