What a Great Age!!

I’m listening to my 2.5 year old girlie running up and down the halls quoting her new favorite show, Bo on the Go. “When you move wit me, you gibs me anergies! You mate my plower band gwo when you get on da go! Move wit me bo buddies!” She’s jumping around, spinning her finger in the air and proudly wearing the power band that mommy “Macgyvered” out of a toilet paper roll, construction paper, glue stick, tape, gum and a toothpick. (Ok, not those last two.)

I get this mushy, tingle in my gut as warm and fuzzies move through me. “What a great age!” I think to myself. She’s just growing so fast! She’s such a character and a joy to be around! The kid knows her ABC’s for cripes sake! Well, the song anyway. She’s like, the smartest toddler in existence! I’m certain of this, so no arguing here people. I just love the crap out of her and take full credit for her supreme awesomeness.


In the same moment, my 13 month old toddling boy comes down the hall. His chubby bare feet smacking the floor with each step. All the while proudly shouting his new language of total and utter gibberish. “Tigga tigga dugoo dukoo!!” His arm outstretched in front of him moving up and down like he’s yelling at someone to get off the table and sit on the couch like a big girl. I realize he’s mimicking me. However, due to the gut wrenching cuteness I am not at all offended. It’s actually a pretty good impersonation. I stare at his matter of fact expression as he jabbers along. “What a great age” I think to myself. Watching this little dude learning to communicate when just a few short months ago he was a floppy little ball of goo in my arms. He is awesome! Once again, I’m quite proud of my creation!


So yes, they both have their moments of total and complete assholiness (it’s a word!) and I seriously have to control myself in those moments so I don’t fly off the handle, screaming and pulling my hair out. Still, in the long and short of it, those bad moments aren’t even a blip on the radar. It’s the good ones that stick, glued to my mind. I thought the endless sleepless nights would never end, but they’re beginning to. I thought he’d have that fleshy rash forever, but it healed. I thought she’d never get over that terrible bout of sickness, but she did. When we’re in the thick of it, the bad stuff seems like it’ll last forever, but it doesn’t even make a dent in my memories once it’s passed by. Knowing this gives me hope when something arises that seems quite difficult. It’s like they say, “This too shall pass”. Whoever “they” are really knew their stuff because it’s too true.


I’m excited for the moments to come! I’m blessed to be here day in and day out to witness every single one of them firsthand! Seriously, is there an age that isn’t just amazing?? I imagine 12-18? We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.



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