Fairhaven Health Nursing Time Tea Review

My son is going on 14 months and still breastfeeds a few times during the day, as well as once or twice at night. I’ve always been a “feed on demand” type of mama. He wants milk, he get’s milk. Since he’s showing no signs of stopping, I figured I’d just ride this out until he’s done. We don’t currently have plans to have anymore children, and I adore the incredible bond between mother and child that breastfeeding offers, so I guess you could say I’m milking this for all it’s worth. (Ba-Dum-Bum-Cheee!)

Well, I made a super stupid mistake and decided I would try a couple organic metabolism boosting pills to see if they do what they claim. I took 2 a day for 2 days then stopped because I realized my supply dipped crazy low! I mean LOW! Since I’m in no hurry to stop breastfeeding I kind of freaked out. Well it just so happened that Fairhaven Health had given me a bag of their Nursing Time Tea to review when they sent the prizes for the Hooray for Boobies giveaway! It couldn’t have been more needed than right then!

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Fairhaven Health Nursing Time Tea Video

The tea comes in loose leaf form so you’ll need an infuser or strainer of some kind. If you don’t have one you can use a paper towel, coffee filter or even empty a teabag that you do have and use it. I let mine steep a bit since I like a stronger tea. This tea had a refreshing lemon flavor that was made nice and creamy by adding a little canned, evaporated milk (my favorite creamer). I had 2 cups a day and noticed FANTASTIC improvement within the first 36 hours! I was totally relieved! I drank the tea for 4 days, at which time I didn’t “need” it anymore and decided to save the rest for when I might. I’m happy to report my milk supply is back to normal and my little man is very pleased, as is his mama!

I’ve tried cookies, pills and the like but this tea had the very best results of any lactation product I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing! If you need an increase in your supply, I highly suggest Fairhaven Health Nursing Time Tea! This stuff works! Just check out the product reviews on their site and Amazon!

Hope over to get your bag here (worth every penny) and be sure to visit them on Facebook here!


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