Undercover Mama Nursing Shirt Review/Giveaway

So as I have mentioned in previous posts, I’m a “nurse on demand” kind of mama. When my son wants to eat, he eats. It doesn’t matter to me where I am. I do it at church, at the zoo, at the store, wherever. I have used nursing covers in the past, but as my son rounded 6 months he began constantly pulling the cover off of himself, rendering it useless. I began searching for alternate options for a bit more privacy. It’s not that I’m super shy about feeding my son in public, I just would rather not expose my entire breast to all of the creepy creeperson’s out there and I respect the fact that it can make others uncomfortable if my whole dang boob is flopped out and exposed. Take me for example! I am a fully supportive advocate for breastfeeding…anytime, anywhere. However, I honestly find it super hard not to look at a woman’s exposed boob and have a very hard time holding on to the conversation we may be having since my thoughts are consumed by this one sentence, “Don’t look at her boob! Don’t look at her boob!”. Inevitably I just end up staring at her boob and the nursing child suckling it. I really don’t mean to, I just do. This in turn causes her to think I’m a total weirdo, I’m sure.

Anyhoo! I was introduced to a company called Undercover Mama a couple years ago when they provided raffle prizes for an event that my company participates in every year called The Great Cloth Diaper Change. They make these great little nursing shirts that help you maintain that bit of privacy you may be seeking. They generously provided me with one and I began testing it out right away!


I chose a white on with lace trim along the bottom because I am super obsessed with lace and think it instantly turns anyone who wears it into a far lovelier creature than before. It’s just so dainty and feminine!

photo 1

The first thing that I noticed was that this shirt is looong! I think I would even be able to get away with wearing as a dress if I tried. Or for the girls who can pull off tights and a long shirt, this is your top! In my case however, I did need to bunch it up slightly along the waist in order to achieve the look I desired. This wasn’t really that big a deal but it needed adjusting often to keep it at a comfortable length for me. Tucking it in would totally solve this issue, but I couldn’t bear to hide such lovely lace! For future purchases I think I’d opt for the non lace version to avoid the length issue. The material is nice and stretchy cotton/spandex which makes it super comfortable.

It's very long!

It’s very long!

photo 4

Bunched up a bit.

Bunched up a bit.

Under a shirt while bunched up a bit.

Under a shirt while bunched up a bit.


So, when it comes to function this shirt delivers! There are no straps. It has two options for attaching to your nursing bra. The first is a loop that fits into the clasp of your bra and the second is a hook that can slide onto the strap of your bra. It’s nice that they included two options since I don’t always use a nursing bra. I often wear a bra similar to a sports bra that doesn’t have clasps to attach the loop to. So, the hook feature is awesome since it can hook onto pretty much anything.

option1_continued photo 2 option2

photo 3

I love that I can nurse my son without having the whole top of my breast exposed, or my stomach exposed! There’s shirt on both sides allowing me to maintain minimal exposure while still giving my son as much as he needs to nurse comfortably. Love this!!

The only thing that I was a bit bummed about was that the adorable lace split open at the seam after a few hours of wear. I contacted Undercover Mama and they were more than happy to organize an exchange or provide a discount for future purchases. I had no intention of taking them up on either since I got this puppy for free and can easily stitch it up myself. I just wanted to see how they’d handle an issue like this and they were fantastic! I know first hand that every product can have an issue every once in a while. The important thing is how the company responds to them and Undercover Mama was wonderfully supportive and generous! Great customer service!

Tear at the seam.

Tear at the seam.

Overall, I was very pleased with the function of this top! I love that I am able to feed my son without any fear of exposure. It’s that little added peace of mind that goes a long way!

Undercover Mama has offered up one of their Nursing Shirts (EXCLUDING the limited editions and slimming styles) for one lucky reader!! Enter below for a chance to win! Open to the USA. Ends July 5, 2013 at 11:59pm MST.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


*Disclaimer* I was given this product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest views and opinions which were in no way paid for or influenced by anyone.


43 thoughts on “Undercover Mama Nursing Shirt Review/Giveaway

  1. Awesome! I would probably just get the cream essentials so it could go under anything. I hope I win, cause after three kids nobody wants to see my belly while nursing!! 😉

  2. Awesome! I will def be getting me one of these when the husband and i get our BFP! WE are ttc baby #1! I will also be Sharing this on the Facebook page that i Admin! 🙂

  3. I love my undercovermamas! I wear one every day! I would like to try the new slimming version (I know it is not included in the giveaway, but it looks awesome.)

  4. I had a similar issue with the white tank with lace, only the hook was not sewn well and the elastic broke. I have several other tanks from them and all are perfect. Perhaps there are issues with only that tank. I should have tried to contact them. Glad things worked out so well when you did! I love my undercover mamas!

  5. I love Undercover Mama shirts! I once had a loop snap right off as I was putting it on and they replaced it right away with no problem!! Great customer service 🙂 I really like the plain black or white ones as they go with just about anything.

  6. Hilarious Blog entry; I totally agree with it all though. I have 5 of these shirts so they coordinate with most everything in my closet. I, too, am a nurse wherever kind of a girl!

  7. I’ve had these on my babylist for awhile now since I am due with my second boy in September. I wish they had been around when I had my first four years ago. I’d love to have any of them- especially the limited edition colors- cause I like color! Great review and giveaway- it’s nice to see that the company’s customer service is caring enough to offer to fix a defective one. It makes me more inclined to buy from them soon!

  8. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win one of these. I’ve been thinking about breaking out my sewing machine, buying some clips and transforming my old tank tops into nursing tops.

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