How Harmful Are Antiperspirants, Deodorants, Aluminum and Parabens???

Ever since I had kids I have quickly become more and more aware of everything that can be potentially harmful to them. There are those obvious things like keeping them away from moving vehicles and making sure they keep poop out of their mouths. Those are actually easy. I’m good at preventing the obvious. The things that worry me the most are the unseen or unknown dangers. The little things that hid in the foods, toys and products that they consume or come into contact with everyday.

Most people will hear that something is harmful or safe and believe it. They’ll take big companies at their word or trust their friends or an internet forum. I don’t. I’m a researcher. I hear of something potentially risky and research it until I’m 100% confident that I’ve dissected every bit of it. There have been a few times in my life when I went along with the crowd or trusted a company and got burned. No more. I’ll make my own educated decisions. Especially when it involves my kiddos! So, when I hear a piece on the news about the harmful effects of dioxin, hormones, genetically modified foods, sulfates, aluminum or parabens I research. Once I’m confident something is harmful I find an alternate, safer route. We’ve been “going green” and making healthier choices for a while now and as part of that journey I’ve decided to make the switch to aluminum and paraben free deodorant!

Now I’m VERY particular about deodorants and antiperspirants! I’ve always been one to stick with what works. As a teenager, once my hormones went wild, I began to search for an antiperspirant/deodorant that could handle my crazy, ever-changing body. I finally found a popular blue buddy and stuck to him. Jump forward 20 years. I’ve had my first child and am about 6 months postpartum when all of a sudden my armpits start behaving like a pubescent teenager again! I sweat like mad! Just the thought of getting ready to leave the house and I’m pit stain Paulie! I had been using an over the counter deodorant that claimed “clinical strength protection” and was still sweating.

Upon researching a better option, I discovered many articles on the harmful chemicals in modern antiperspirants and how they pose a risk to your health. They claimed that the aluminum, parabens and chemicals in antiperspirants can possibly cause breast cancer as well as possibly lead to Alzheimer’s disease. I researched this a bunch and discovered that scientists have NOT been able to prove that either are valid claims. Although chemicals from antiperspirants, such as parabens, have been found in cancerous breast tissue, it has yet to be proven that those chemicals actually caused the cancer. In many cases, the women didn’t even use deodorants that contained parabens.

When it came to Alzheimer’s I discovered pretty much the same. In the early 1960’s a FEW tests on the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease revealed higher than normal levels of aluminum. This lead to many concerns about aluminum in our everyday lives. However, the findings in recent studies do NOT support the claims of the few studies from the 1960’s and experts are starting to rule out aluminum as a cause of Alzheimer’s disease.

Now, just because research hasn’t absolutely proven that these claims are true doesn’t mean we should continue to use products with aluminum in them such as antiperspirants. As a matter of fact, I much prefer to air on the side of caution! It could still be proven in the future, and the fact that parabens and other chemicals were found in cancerous breast tissue is enough of a red flag for this mama to decide to eliminate them from our household products where possible. The function of an antiperspirant alone goes against our bodies natural process of elimination. We sweat for a reason. Our sweat releases toxins from our bodies. Antiperspirants react with our sweat to form plugs in the pores of our armpits, blocking the sweat from escaping. So those toxins that would otherwise be released are stuck in our body. Not good people!

Trash them!

As time moves forward and things like cancer, autism and other diseases and disorders become more common, people begin to realize that we’ve been headed in the wrong direction. Something, or several somethings, are causing harm to our bodies and our children’s bodies. As we introduce more and more unnatural products and foods into our lives, the occurrence of these aliments and conditions increase causing us to eventually question them. I’m seeing a trend of people returning to our natural ways. Trusting our bodies to function as God intended. Well that’s a band wagon that I will hop on! I trust that God knew just what he was doing when he created us and seek to allow my body and my children’s bodies to function as naturally as possible without introducing foreign elements. This is not easy or cheap! Buying organic produce alone costs 50-75% more than GMO produce, but as a very wise young gentleman stated, “It seems to me that we can either pay the farmer or we can pay the hospital.”. I choose the farmer!

So back to deodorant! I have had the absolute privilege of testing out 5 different aluminum/paraben free deodorants over the past month and am writing up 5 different review/giveaways for next week’s, “It’s the Pits! Natural Deodorant Event!


I will post them on Monday 7/29/2013 for each of you to read and enter! I will also be posting a vlog (by the 5th) summing up my experiences with each and naming my absolute favorites! So head back by on Monday and enter to win some fantastic, worry free, deodorants!!






3 thoughts on “How Harmful Are Antiperspirants, Deodorants, Aluminum and Parabens???

  1. I love that Routine uses glass jars. I have been becoming more frugal and have been saving all my glass containers to use to make candles, lotions, even just for storing toiletries etc. Plus I am so not into plastic and this is an awesome feature.

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