“It’s the Pits!” Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant Review/Giveaway

ppp_header_regPrimal Pit Paste began with a mom named Amy. Amy was surprised to notice her grade school aged daughter experience body odor at such a young age. After researching, she discovered that many children experience issues with body odor as young as 2! She wanted to provide odor protection but was concerned by the chemicals in traditional deodorants. Long story short, she began making her own and it took off!  Amy takes great pride in ensuring her deodorant is 100% natural, organic and safe. She even says it’s safe enough to eat, although it’s not recommended you use it that way.

I was sent a 2oz stick of their Lavender Primal Pit Paste. The first thing I loved was that it’s a cylindrical stick! This is by far the most application friendly container that I’ve tried! The deodorant itself has a nice firm consistency with the slightest sandy texture. It smelled of lavender essential oil, a nice relaxing scent. It contains organic coconut oil and raw shea butter so it’s texture can change very slightly depending on the temperature that it’s stored at. I usually held it to my armpit for a few moments before rubbing it on. It goes on smooth and covers well! I didn’t notice any staining whatsoever on my clothing. So far so good!

photo 1

photo 2

I tested this deodorant out by using it on lazy days as well as during workouts and out and about. When high activity was involved I did have to reapply midway through my day. This was not all the time, just occasionally and may be due to my postpartum hormones. After reviewing the website I noticed that she makes a “Strong” version! Brilliant! I would definitely suggest trying this version if you have above average BO issues or if your hormones (like mine) are sending you back in time to your pubescent years. However, for regular BO issues or you lucky ducks that hardly have any issue at all, the regular formula will work beautifully! I did still perspire, as is natural and the norm, but noticed a slight bit less wetness when using the Primal stick! This was nice considering my entire wardrobe has been changed to black and other colors that don’t show wetness as well. I was able to enjoy some color while donning my Primal Pit Paste!

So overall, on a scale of 1-5, 5 being super fantastic, I gave Primal Pit Paste a 4.3. Although I did need to reapply occasionally, it wasn’t as often as I had with other deodorants. I love the stick applicator, I love that she offers a stronger version (which I fully intend to purchase and try) as well as one for kids!! (I will definitely be getting this for my kids when the time comes!)

My 2oz stick retails for $10.95 and will last 3+ months with regular use! You can get the 2oz jar for $8.95 and save a couple of bucks if you’re frugal like me!

Jar stick

Amy has graciously offered a Primal Pit Paste Stick in Lavender scent for one lucky reader!! Just enter below for your chance to win! OPEN TO US & CANADA ONLY. ENDS 8/6/2013.
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4 thoughts on ““It’s the Pits!” Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant Review/Giveaway

  1. I didn’t realize the crystal deodorants still contained aluminum. Not as good for you as you thought. Also love that coconut oil is used. Love coconut oil!

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