“It’s the Pits!” Routine de-odor-cream Review/Giveaway


Routine de-odor-cream was created by a lovely girl named Neige. She began making deodorant in 2006 when she was unable to find a natural option that worked. Her lovely sister Pippa began using it as well and loved it! They decided to venture out together in sharing this product with the world!


Routine de-odor-cream is a handmade, natural deodorant free of aluminum, parabens, triclosan or propylene glycol. In other words, all natural and safe! They offer 6 scents to match anyone’s personality. I was given a full size (50ml or 1.7oz) jar of “Sweet Jane” and a few small sample jars of several other scents. The sample jars have a several scents to them. Citrus, sweet apple,slightly musky scents. One called “Sexy Sadie” has a slight patchouli scent which I have to admit, isn’t my favorite smell in the world, but the others are lovely, earthy scents. The “Sweet Jane” is a lovely sweet. citrus cream smell. Very pleasant and refreshing! You can view descriptions of each HERE.

Routine de-odor-creams are made with kaolin clay which is a drying agent. It adds a bit of dryness protection which is not often seen in natural deodorants. Don’t expect it to work like an antiperspirants, but it was nice to have a bit less wetness while still enjoying all that chemical free goodness!

This deodorant comes in an eco-friendly glass jar ans is applies, in pea sized amounts, using your fingers. It had a very creamy texture and when applied, was similar in feel to the white commercial deodorants we’re used to. I like how it feels like you have a creamy smooth layer of protection. I did notice that it balled up a bit in the creases of my armpit after 20-30 minutes, but I just rubbed it back in and it was good! Now I did still sweat and notice wetness, as is healthy and the norm, but I did notice a bit less wetness due to the kaolin clay. This was a nice added benefit! Also, it did show a bit on a black shirt, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as when I used the traditional deodorants and would get it all over my dark shirts. This was only noticeable if you were really looking, as I was.

On very active days I needed to reapply a bit halfway through the day or if I knew I was going to be outdoors or working out I would put extra on without issue. It just chunked a bit if I had extra on but as I said before, I just rubbed it back into the skin and was good.

photo 1 (2)

photo 2 (2)

My 1.7oz (50ml) jar retails for $24 Canadian dollars or about $23.29 US putting it on the pricier end, but it will easily last 3-6 months so it works out nicely!

So on a scale of 1-5, 5 being super fantastic, I’d give Routine a 4! I’d have to say overall I’m rather impressed with this deodorant! The added drying agent is a really nice touch and I love the creamy feel! The only things that kept it from a 5 were the reapplying on occasion, having it ball up in the cracks of my armpits after the initial application and the high price point. Otherwise it’s good stuff people! Good stuff!

Neige and Pippa have offered up a full jar of Routine de-odor-cream for one lucky reader! Just enter below to win! OPEN TO US & CANADA. ENDS 8/6/2013
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6 thoughts on ““It’s the Pits!” Routine de-odor-cream Review/Giveaway

  1. I love the 12 month shelf life and the fact that because it’s applied like a lotion, bacteria won’t grow in it. I had never thought about it like that before.

  2. I love this de-odor no harsh chemicals and has a nice smell.
    And the jar that it comes in is reusable.
    And it’s made in Calgary where I’m from :).

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