“It’s the Pits!” Truly’s Natural Deodorant Review/Giveaway

Have you heard?

Truly’s Natural Deodorant was created by Angela Collison. Angela is a wife and mother from Harrington, Delaware who began making her deodorant for the same reason many use it. She wanted to reduce her family’s exposure to the chemicals found in most antiperspirant/deodorants. After much research and experimentation she created the perfect mix of simple, natural ingredients that form a deodorant that Truly works!


I received a 2oz tub of Truly’s to review and dove right into testing it out! The first thing I noticed upon opening the tub was the smell! It has a very light coconut scent. I adore coconut and was very pleased by it’s sweet tropical aroma! As a matter of fact, it smelled absolutely delicious and caused me to want to eat it right out of the container. I examined the labels and read the four simple ingredients. Organic coconut oil, powdered sugar, baking soda and beeswax. That’s it??? Realizing that each was harmless I smelled it again and yes, I totally licked it. It was seriously tasty! I mean, if it wasn’t for the baking soda taste I would have most likely eaten this stuff in a matter of days. I’m not joking! It’s yummy! I was however shocked by the simplicity of this concoction and immediately thought that there’s no way this stuff would work. I was particularly curious about the powdered sugar. I asked Angela about it and she referred me HERE. I’m super glad I asked! I love learning about how natural ingredients work.


As I mentioned in this previous post, ever since I gave birth to my kids, my hormones have caused me to sweat and stink like a teenager. It’s repulsive and I wasn’t able to find any deodorants that worked all day, natural or otherwise. So after a shower I applied a pea sized amount of Truly’s to each armpit with very low expectations. You do have to rub it in with your fingers as it contains coconut oil and may be soft or stiff depending on the temperature of the room it’s in. On average it was a bit stiffer than shortening. Although I’m not a fan of smearing it on with my fingers, it’s hardly an issue at all. I was concerned that it would stain my shirts with oil spots, but it never did. I also tried applying much more than needed to see if it would show on clothing and it didn’t! Even on black clothing! I was very pleased.

photo 2 photo 3

Now onto the question at hand. Did it work? I was shocked when I realized it was 8pm and I hadn’t reapplied! I sniffed the heck out of my pits (to my husband’s disgust) and wasn’t able to pick up any body odor smell AT ALL!! Say whaaaa? These four simple ingredients were able to put a stop to my crazy, hormone laden armpit stink?? You bet your stanky pits it did! I was thrilled!! Over the next week or so I wore it everywhere and never once had to deal with stink! Now I do still sweat, which is natural and healthy, but I don’t smell at all. That gave me such peace of mind!

So on a scale of 1-5, 5 being super fantastic, I give Truly’s Natural Deodorant a big ol’ 5! I’m super fantastically pleased with this product! Buy it HERE now! My 2oz tub retails for only $7.99 and will definitely last me several months easy! There’s no fear in buying since they offer a money back guarantee! What’s more? Angela makes one for kids! How cute is that?

Angela has offered a tub of Truly’s to one lucky reader! Enter below to win it! OPEN TO THE US ONLY! ENDS 8/6/2013
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11 thoughts on ““It’s the Pits!” Truly’s Natural Deodorant Review/Giveaway

  1. I learned that there’s a friends and family pack which would be awesome. I don’t know how someone would take getting deodorant as a gift but I still think it’s a good idea.lol

  2. I think it’s pretty cool that the sugar prevents odor causing bacteria. I never knew that. They explain it so well.

  3. I also learned that beeswax raises melting points. I think it is great that it is nontoxic. I have had bad luck in the past with other natural deoderants and smelling.

  4. They process their baking soda more so it takes away the abrasiveness. Which is really good for me considering that’s a problem I have encountered upon making my own deodorant.

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