Jack Be Natural Genuine Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Review/Giveaway







Jack Be Natural is an online store that specializes in natural baby/parenting products like cloth diapers, bath & body items, natural baby food, amber teething jewelry and so much more! It’s a home based business run by John and Stacy, a natural minded husband and wife team! I was offered one of their Genuine Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces for review and jumped at the opportunity!
My little man is going to be 15 months old on the 14th (Man did that fly by!!). Both of my kids began cutting teething around 3 1/2 months old. I used amber on my daughter starting around 5 months old and had a necklace on my son from 3 months old. I purchased my first for him from a shop on Etsy. My son has had a much more difficult teething experience than my daughter did. His bouts typically last a week or two with 3 days of high fever and no sleep during the worst of it. The rest of the time he has a mild fever and drools but nothing otherwise. It got me wondering why this particular amber necklace wasn’t cutting it for him, when my daughter seemed to sail right through teething when wearing hers. It turns out, not all amber necklaces are created equal!
First, a bit about amber jewelry and how it works! Amber is a fossilized pine resin that, in this case, is worn against the skin in the form of jewelry to aid in pain relief. Body heat releases a natural pain reliever called succinic acid from the amber. This natural, safe acid is absorbed through the skin and works like a natural Tylenol might to aid in relieving any pain, such as teething pain. Despite how it sounds, amber teething jewelry should NEVER be chewed on. It’s simply worn and works it’s natural wonders on it’s own. The concentration of succinic acid can vary which makes some more effective than others. (Enter my son’s first crappy necklace.)
Jack Be Natural’s teething necklaces are 100% genuine, pure Baltic amber from the Baltic region of Europe. They have tested the quality and have letters of authenticity to prove it! This means you’ll have the best possible concentration of succinic acid pain relief for you or your baby! So, did I notice a difference?
Well it just so happens that my son began drooling about 3 days after we received and put on his new gorgeous Raw Honey/Cognac chip necklace! I was concerned about the jagged looking edges irritating his skin but they never have. Each bead has a knot tied between them to prevent a bunch of beads flying everywhere in the event of a break, which is rare.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5
When I looked in my son’s mouth, I saw two mounds on either side of his bottom teeth and knew we had 2 newbies coming in. Here’s where the real test began! His fever presented a couple of days later. High temps of 102 and 103 always present before 3 horrible, sleepless nights and days. That night he woke at midnight and every 30-45 minutes there after until 6. I had a hot, grumpy baby that needed constant boobage. Nothing new. So I was surprised when his fever broke that afternoon and wondered when it would return. It never did. Oh and the biggie?? He slept normal after that 1 night! He still drooled, but other than that there were no other signs of teething! Now can I be certain it’s the amber? No, but what else do you chalk it up to?? I’m 100% sold on this necklace and it’s potency being WAY better than his previous one! I’ll take 1 bad night over 3 any day of the week!! This mama just couldn’t be more pleased!

photo 1 (2) photo 3 (2)

Jack Be Natural has so many colors and options for their amber necklaces! They have raw, like mine, as well as polished and rounded ones. There are dark and light beads and everything in between. It’s said that the succinic acid content is higher in the lighter beads so that may be a consideration when purchasing. Take a moment to read up on amber HERE and see if it’s something you’d consider! I highly recommend it and you should definitely purchase from Jack Be Natural to be sure you’re getting the best! They also have FREE SHIPPING!! You can’t beat that with a stick!!
Want to win one for yourself?? Just enter below!! OPEN TO US ONLY! ENDS 8/21/2013.

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