Hot Tot Shampoo Review/Giveaway


I’ve been looking into natural/safer products for myself and my family so when my cousin mentioned a product she had seen on Shark Tank I became intrigued. I began researching the brand, Hot Tot, and contacted the mom behind the company, Megan Gage. She sent me a bottle of her Hot Tot Shampoo and a few samples of Hot Tot Conditioner to review on my toddler!

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Hot Tot (see company definition here) was born after Megan herself became a mom and was concerned by the incredibly slim pickings when it came to healthy, more natural products for young children or “tots”. Did you know that a young child’s system is not developed enough to remove many toxins from the body as adult bodies do? Many of the chemicals in the popular products for babies and children have these toxic chemicals! Check out the list and descriptions of chemicals that Megan made sure to leave out of her products! Children’s hair is also structurally different from adult hair and requires a lighter formula. Megan set out to create a line of haircare products specially formulated for 2-10 year olds that are free of harsh/harmful chemicals. The result was Hot Tot haircare!

I have to admit, I was not only impressed by this mom’s ambition and drive but found myself relating to her in many ways! I also started my own business after the birth of my first and was driven and determined in the same ways as Megan. She was able to secure a quality manufacturer and come up with several products that are safe to use on our tots!

The first thing I noticed when using the Hot Tot Shampoo on my almost 3 year old was the smell! I couldn’t place it but I loved it! You know when you smell something from your past but can’t put your finger on what it is? That’s what was happening here. It drove me crazy so I pulled the website up to see if there was a name for the scent. Low and behold I discovered it! Cabbage Patch Kids!! Megan developed her shampoo to smell like the one thing guaranteed to make any female child of the 80’s fall in love! The scent is great in the bottle but amazing in my daughter’s hair! I love sticking my nose in her freshly washed hair before bed and sniffing all that nostalgic goodness in! This woman’s a genius for this!

The shampoo itself leaves my daughter’s hair SO soft and silky! I love brushing her lovely, shiny, bouncy curls after using this shampoo. However, follow it up with a tiny dab of Hot Tot Conditioner and you have just unleashed a magical combination that makes my kid’s hair absolutely heavenly in touch and smell! Even my mom commented on how fantastically silky and soft her hair was and asked what I was using! This stuff is amazing people! I’m hooked, not only on the smell and results but on the peace of mind in knowing it’s safer than my previous J&J go to shampoo (which was trashed as soon as I researched the ingredients!). I’m also proud to use a product made by such a dedicated momtrepeneur!

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Curious? Want to try some for your tot? Head over to the website to purchase or go head over to Amazon to get your Hot Tot Shampoo and be sure to enter below for a chance to win a Hot Tot Shampoo for your “Hot Tot”! Ends 9/3/2013 Open to US ONLY!

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