The Honest Company Review/Giveaway


So pretty much everyone has heard of The Honest Company. It was founded by Jessica Alba, actress, wife and mother. She had a strong desire to bring safer, more natural and eco-friendly products to the market for babies, children and adults. She joined up with her partner in business, Christopher Gavigan to formThe Honest Company. They now have products for bath and body, cleaning as well as health and wellness that are affordable for the average family. Even more so when you decide to join in their auto shipping program and bundle to save. You can save up to 35% off of their already low prices by participating in this monthly delivery program!

I am super skeptical of things like this. However, when I heard about their free trial I decided to try some of their stuff! I received a sample pack of diapers and products to include the shampoo&body wash, laundry soap, hand soap, face&body lotion and healing balm. I don’t use disposable diapers so I just keep them in the car for emergencies, but I did try everything else! I fell in love with all of it, but the shampoo, lotion and healing balm in particular!


My face is very sensitive to products. I break out like a teenager upon introducing anything new to my face. This lotion was the first and only that I’ve tried that didn’t! Not only does it hydrate beautifully, it has yet to cause one blemish or issue with my skin! JOY!

The healing balm is my go to foot rub. I am a victim of dry, cracked skin on my feet. I never wear socks or shoes unless going out so my feet take a licking! I’ve tried all of the over the counter stuff as well as the tv infomercial items. Some don’t work, some are a temporary fix. This healing balm, when applies nightly and covered with socks, leaves my feet soft and crack free!

Finally, the shampoo & body wash! On my “no poo” journey I had hit a greasy wall and decided to use a bit of shampoo. This was the one I chose first. It hardly foams at all, which is a good thing, and smelled lovely. I noticed that it helped relieve some of that heavy greasy feel without totally stripping the oils and drying my hair. The harsh, potentially harmful chemicals that traditional shampoos use are not in it! It has a ton of natural, organic ingredients, is tear free, PH balanced and non toxic! I use it on my babies with wonderful results as well!


I really appreciate that Jessica has the same desires for safer more natural products for herself and her family that I do! It makes me feel like I can trust these products!

Have you tried your free samples yet? You get to try them all for the cost of shipping, $5.95!! Just go HERE to sign up or check out Amazon to get a bottle of the Shampoo & Body Wash without signing up for monthly deliveries! A little too weary? No problem! Just enter on the Rafflecopter below to win a sample 5 pack of your own! Ends 9/3/2013. Open to US ONLY!

Honest Diapersbanner

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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