Living Nature Shampoo/Conditioner Review/Giveaway

Living Nature logo leftLiving Nature is a company based in New Zealand that is committed to providing customers with the most natural, safe and effective products to care for their skin and the planet. All of their products are certified as natural so you know you’re getting nothing but the best nature has to offer! Not only are their products pure and natural, they’re safe to use on all skin/hair types. In fact, their policy states,”if there is any doubt about the safety of an ingredient, we don’t use it.”.

Living Nature also makes it a priority to be as eco-friendly as possible. Just look at what their website says, “Our Kerikeri facility uses only carbon-neutral hydro and wind energy and filtered rainwater. Our packaging is fully recyclable, meets the highest EU environmental standards and is 100% free from harmful phthalates and Bisphenol-A (BPA). Paper and cartons are sourced from renewable, managed forests and, like our inks, are free from dioxin and elemental chlorine. We use no animal products, other than humanely-obtained beeswax, honey and lactose. We will never test our products on animals.” Very impressive!!

I contacted them during my search for healthier, more natural haircare solutions for myself and my family. I read several reviews online raving about their shampoo and had to try it! They sent me a bottle of their Balancing Shampoo as well as one of their Balancing Conditioner.


I’ve been using both haircare products for a week now and truly enjoy each! The Balancing Shampoo is wonderful! It has that salon shampoo smell which makes me feel like I’m pampering myself at a spa and with ingredients like manuka honey and kelp I truly feel I’m enjoying salon quality! It doesn’t lather up very much, which is a VERY good thing! Lather = surfactants and sulfates = dry, dull hair. You don’t need lather to properly cleanse your hair! This shampoo cleans it but leaves the healthy oils! It’s wonderful to feel clean but still feel like my hair has some moisture and life to it!

photo 4

Now I’m a conditioner junkie! I used to use 2-3 times more conditioner than shampoo because my previous shampoos would strip away natural oils and dry my hair out. I really enjoy the slick, soft feel conditioners make. Well this Balancing Conditioner left my hair so soft and smooth! This is thanks to the manuka honey which is a natural conditioner! I don’t have to use anymore than I do with the shampoo since my hair has had more natural oils to it since I began my “no poo” journey. Although the shampoo would be wonderful by itself, I highly recommend that these two products be used together for the best result! You’ll end up with a healthy, soft head of hair!

photo 5


Overall I was very pleased with the products from Living Nature! I will be purchasing them in the future! They each retail for $24.83 usd which is a tad high for my frugal self, but knowing how well they work and that they’re certified natural makes them very worth the price to me! These bottles should last well over a month when washing 1-2 times a week. Check out the set HERE and purchase your own to try!!

photo 2

Living Nature wanted to offer a different prize for giveaway! The Radiance Night Serum is one of their most popular and prestigious products! Check out this description:

“A precious facial oil blend to boost your skin’s overnight rejuvenation and renewal process. With finest Rose Oil to naturally stimulate your skin’s own collagen production, Rose-hip Oil to aid cell regeneration and repair damaged skin tissue, Calendula to soothe and calm, nutritious Carrot Oil to revitalize and tone, Jojoba Oil to nourish, and Frankincense Oil to repair dry skin and heal blemishes. Radiance Night Oil is your beauty sleep secret.”

Sounds gorgeous right??? It’s won awards too! The “Editor’s Choice” from Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2011 and it was just awarded the 2013 Oh Natural “Best Facial Oil”!

2013_Oh_natural_beauty_award_winner_RNO_best_facial_oil_1024x1024Want to pamper yourself with this luscious oil?? Just enter on the form below to win! Ends 9/6/2013, OPEN TO US ONLY!
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