Financial Freedom: Receiving by Faith, Part 1

In my personal journey with the Lord and faith I have encountered many revelations. The most recent has been a financial one. After years and years of struggling and never getting ahead, God revealed to me that I needed to tithe 10% according to the scriptures in Malachi 3. I didn’t see how this could be a possibility since we were upside down every month and never had all of our bills paid on time. God told me, indirectly, that the devil was taking it from me. That I should give it to Him instead and He would, “rebuke the devourer for my sake”. I thought about this and realized it was spot on! It seemed every time we saw a glimpse of security on the horizon something happened that used up all of our income. So we began tithing in February of 2013. 10% every month according to God’s word. So will we receive the abundance promised in Malachi 3:10? Follow along with my vlog to keep updated on our progress!!


I know many people can be skeptical of the power of faith in Christ, believers and non-believers alike! Everyone has their own personal opinions, beliefs, experiences, and revelations when it comes to God and the Bible. I personally believe the Bible to be the true, living word of God and am doing my best to study it and live by the example of Christ. You may not and that’s not something I will judge you for. Please be respectful of my beliefs and leave any negative comments to yourself. Questions and curiosities are fine, just nothing hateful, rude or judgmental please.



One thought on “Financial Freedom: Receiving by Faith, Part 1

  1. That’s great that you’re tithing now! God is definitely faithful in providing for us especially when we’re faithful in giving back to him. Most years on paper there’s no way we can make it financially but, we do and we’re paying off our debt in significant chunks. I know the only way this is happening is because of God.

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