Cloth Diaper Bundle Giveaway!

I had a few leftovers from last year’s Great Cloth Diaper Change event that Bumkins had donated and they were nice enough to let me keep them for a giveaway! Sure it only took me a year but hey! Better late than never right?

I have 2 Bumkins Onesize Diaper Covers in Blue Pixel and a large reusable Snack Bag in Blue Groove!


It's the larger one!

It’s the larger one!

Then I thought, just for fun, I’d throw in a Diaper Palz Travel Wetbag! It’s a lovely Autumn Ooga print and can hold 8 cloth diapers! These are a must for keeping in the car as well! If your little one soils or gets sick you can pop everything in the bag and zip! I’ve had this need arise on several occasions!

ooga wetbagNice little bundle huh? Want it? Just enter below to win!

Open to US only! Ends 1/24/2014.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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