“Pitter Patter”

We desired the pitter patter of little feet.

We hoped for a tiny one to make us complete.

Through prayer and faith we were blessed with a pearl.

The most beautiful, dark eyed, pale skinned girl.

Our lives were filled with unending joy,

And only a year point five later we were blessed with a boy!

He’s a pleasantly plump, happy, chubby, sweet fellow!

So precious and pudgy, our little marshmallow.

We both stare in awe, with smiles ear to ear,

At these gorgeous creations that we hold so dear.

Our Heavenly Father, so gracious and fair,

Decided to bless us with not one, but a pair!

And now we are whole and our lives are complete,

With the sound of two sets of sweet, tiny feet.

(Melissa Frank December 12, 2012)

Doubly Blessed!! <3

Doubly Blessed!! ❤



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