Bargain Arts/Crafts, School Supplies!!

I think it’s been made very clear that I’m frugal as heck. Some may say down right cheap. I have to admit that they’d be right! When I decided to become a WAHM we knew we had some serious corners to cut! Every single penny we saved from cutting out anything unnecessary has been used to keep us afloat, and by the grace of God we’ve stayed on our toes.

I do a lot of shopping at our local dollar stores when it comes to getting art and craft items or school supplies for the kids. It’s not always the best quality but we make due. Recently I had a teacher friend inform me of a site called Discount School Supplies that she uses to get certain items in bulk at a discount!


Once I checked it out I became SO excited! I can actually afford this stuff and they’re quality, name brands too! I was able to purchase paints, paper, markers, aprons and more all within our budget!! I can’t tell you how awesome I feel when I can sit with my kids and make a hideous mess in the name of toddler art! It’s important to get messy every once in a while and with the help of supplies like wipeable aprons/smocks and washable paints and markers I can keep my sanity at the same time!



Not only do they offer a 110% guarantee that they’ll have the lowest prices, they also offer discounts on top of those lowest prices! Like right now they have items marked in red at 20% off with code “RED2014”! I got 50 sheets of construction paper for less than $1 and 100 pipe cleaners for less than $2!! Big savings folks!!!

This would be great to go in on with a homeschooling co-op or group of mommy friends! You could get the bulk items and split them! Head over to their website to see for yourself and grab some seriously low priced items for your kiddos!! YAY for bargains!!!



I have included affiliate links in this post. I choose to sign up to be an affiliate for companies that I enjoy. It’d be awesome if you’d purchase through them so I can hopefully one day make a buck or two! 😉 LOVE YOU’S GUYS!



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