His shrieks can leave you with deaf ears.

His demands for attention can provoke tears.

He desires to be carried everywhere.

He refuses to sit in his bouncy chair.

He wakes all hours with cries and whines.

He won’t fall back to sleep until the sun shines.

His list of demands and needs can be daunting.

Yet it’s something else that lingers, haunting.

The way he grabs my face with both pudgy hands.

His wobbly sway when he attempts to stand.

That goofy grin from ear to ear.

The way my heart swells when I hold him near.

His raspy chuckle that rumbles up from his belly.

His adorable toes that are surprisingly smelly!

Those deep hazel eyes gazing straight to my heart.

My love for this boy shoots right off the chart!

So when I begin to get flustered or upset with his ways,

I just pause to remember the speed of these days.

For in a few week’s time he’ll be running away,

From my attempts to embrace him so he can instead play.

It’ll be toys and leggos, then sports and girls.

I have to treat these moments as precious pearls,

And treasure them all until none are left…

Even if his shrieks are leaving me deaf.

(Melissa Frank, 12/10/2012)








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