Maple Hill Naturals Review/Giveaway


Maple Hill Naturals is a company that specializes in 100% American made wool dryer balls as well as soaps, shampoo/conditioning bars and lip balms. The company began with Rebecca Rowan. Rebecca is a “homeschooling, breastfeeding, home-birthing, cloth diapering (but really just normal) stay at home Mom of two beautiful girls, 5 and 3 years old”. She started her business with just the wool dryer balls and has since expanded into making soaps and lip balms.

I remember when I first heard of dryer balls. I thought it all seemed very strange and wondered about the benefits. Dryer balls, particularly wool one’s, “eliminate the need for dryer sheets and fabric softeners. They reduce your drying times by up to 25% on every load and are naturally colored eliminating harmful dyes and bleaches.” No dryer sheets or fabric softeners save you bucks folks! Reduced drying time saves energy and even more bucks! We all know this mama loves to pinch her pennies so naturally, wool dryer balls entered this family’s world!


Maple Hill Naturals Wool Dryer Balls are special for several reasons! They’re made from the wool from the sheep on Rebecca’s father’s farm, Maple Hill Romney’s, in Lafayette, Indiana. That’s literally home grown wool at it’s finest! They’re also hand made by a group of stay at home moms! I always love being able to support SAHM/WAHM’s! Being a work at home mom myself I know how incredibly passionate moms can be when it comes to being able to earn a living while being with your children! When you purchase from one you’re truly making a difference in someone’s life! Finally, these dryer balls are 100% American sourced and made! Check out my video review here:

I was blessed to receive their products to review! I got to try their soap, a conditioning shampoo bar, and a lip balm! All three were in the Lavender Vanilla scent.

photo 1photo 2photo 3

Now some of you may know I hopped on the “no poo” bandwagon last year! I’ve since struggled quite a bit to find that perfect “no poo” shampoo. They ALWAYS tend to leave my hair feeling heavy, waxy, and greasy. I understand that when you go “no poo” you can expect to have more oils in your hair. After all that’s kind of the point. Natural oils = healthy hair and scalp. I just really miss that light, clean, feathery feeling I used to get from the chemical laden hair products I had previously used. I’m not joking when I say I’ve tested at least 15 chemical free products, shampoo bars, and homemade shampoos. Although many are truly great products, not one has pleased me fully. I had finally decided that this is something you have to accept if your going to be healthier. Maple Hill Naturals has just proven me wrong! This shampoo bar works!! I adore it! I have used it for over 2 weeks now and was shocked to discover that it feels SO much less heavy, waxy and greasy after use than any other harmful chemical free/”no poo” method I’ve tried! I even had my hubby run his fingers through it just to be sure I’m not crazy. He agreed! Quite a difference!



I’m not sure of the exact heavenly mixture Rebecca uses but here are the listed ingredients:

“coconut oil, water, palm oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide*, olive oil, hemp seed butter, shea butter, avocado oil, jojoba oil, essential oil
*none remains after saponifying oils into soap and glycerin”

Hear me GUSH about this shampoo bar in my video review! It does more justice to this product!


The Essential Oils Soap was a surprise as well! I honestly was a tad turned off by the rough, bumpy feel of this bar initially. Then I used it! Let me tell you, it’s wonderful!

photo 4

I rubbed this bar all over my calves and thighs and was overjoyed by how invigorating it was! It exfoliated like a dream, sloughing off dead skin without causing even an ounce of discomfort. The only areas I wouldn’t use the bar directly on are more sensitive skin like my armpits. I did use it on my face though and it worked wonders at removing the dry skin without causing any blemishes! I was thrilled! For a mom who very rarely gets to treat herself I have to admit, there was something almost spa like in the effects of this soap bar. Love people, just love! Here are the ingredients:

“olive oil, water, coconut oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide*, oats, essential oil
*none remains after saponifying oils into soap and glycerin”

Here’s my in depth video review of this soap:

Finally, the lip balm. This lip balm is a lovely combination of natural ingredients and works very well at healing dry, chapped lips! How do I know? I used it on my 3 year old daughter who has recently begun licking her lips. This causes that lovely red ring of chapped skin around her mouth! Well I decided to use Maple Hill Naturals Lip Balm for this because every ingredient is safe, even for my most precious babes! Not only did it comfort and bring relief, it healed! With regular application she has cleared up beautifully and I couldn’t be more pleased. I love the comfort of knowing I’m using something on my kids that is the safest possible solution. No harmful chemicals, no dyes, just natures best! Here’s a list of those lovely ingredients and my in depth video review:

“beeswax, organic cocoa butter, organic shea butter, organic carnauba wax, almond oil, organic hemp oil”

See the video review HERE!! (I guess only 3 videos are allowed in a post or something because it won’t post, but hit the link to view!)

So there ya go! Maple Hill Naturals is “the” place to shop for your bath & body needs people! PLEASE go check them out and try their affordable, safe and effective products for yourself! You won’t regret it! Use code WHOPOOD now through 3/21/14 for 25% off your order!!

Rebecca was kind enough to provide 2 Extra Large Unscented Wool Dryer Balls for a giveaway! (Retail value $15.99)
Make sure to enter below to win these bad boys!
Open to USA & Canada ONLY! Ends 2/26/2014

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was given all of the above products for review at no cost to myself. Every single stinking word is 100% my opinion and was in no way influenced or purchased by anyone! I love them sincerely and that’s the truth!



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