Crave Naturals Review & 25% Discount!

Crave Naturals is a company that was started by Kristen Heaton in 2013 in an effort to provide high quality beauty products that out perform others. Kristen always aspired to be an entrepreneur and when the timing was right she went for it! I always love (virtually) meeting small business owners! Being one myself, I know what goes into starting and operating your own company and truly admire those who do so!

Crave Naturals sent me two products to review! The first is their Glide Thru Detangling Brush and the second, their Whiplash Eyelash Curler!

photo 1

I was particularly interested in the detangling brush for my children. They both have curly hair that gets horrible tangles and knots. Every brush and comb in our house may as well be a red hot fire poker! Just the appearance of one evokes tears and screams. Needless to say, my beautiful kiddos tend to resemble nappie headed cave-babies. I was excited to try this brush out on them!

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photo 1 (3) photo 2 (3)


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The brush is made of very sturdy plastic and doesn’t have any little bits that will pop off like other brushes we have that lose the teenie plastic balls at the end of the bristle or even the bristle itself! You know the kind…

Hairbrush_with_metal_bristlesphoto 2Brush

I tested this brush in several ways. I tried it on wet hair, fresh from the bath, dry hair after a wild night of tossing and turning and midday hair full of playtime tangles. I tried it with conditioning spray and without. (A note about brushing out tangles. It’s important to start from the bottom and gradually work your way up! This will reduce pain and prevent further knotting.) Here’s the results:

Wet Hair- Without conditioning spray it worked well! I do use a natural conditioner on my kiddos so it makes brushing wet hair much easier! Even when I approached a tangle, I gently stroked several times and the brush released it without issue or tears!

Dry Hair After Sleep- This is the worst! I don’t know what my kids do at night but their tangles are insane every morning! Without conditioning spray I did have some screaming and tears. I approached gently but once the brush caught a tangle they did scream. This brush doesn’t pull a tangle nearly as rough as previous ones, but my kids react to any tug at all so I expected screams. I was however, pleased to be able to remove tangles with less distress than before! Now WITH conditioning spray it was easy peasy lemon squeezie! No crying, no screaming, just gently brushing! This was different from previous brushing with the spray which still caused meltdowns! Yay!

Dry Hair After Playtime- Since the tangles are less than after sleep this was an easier brushing. No tears and very little whining. With conditioning spray there was zero distress or whining.

I also tested this brush on myself wet and dry. I loved it! The bristles are very gentle on my scalp and it remove tangles with far less pain than any other brush I own! My kids are weenies so I expect a bit of emotion when brushing them but I could really tell a difference myself! Each row of bristles is either taller or shorter than the last creating an ocean-y, wavy look! I also love how easy it is to remove hair and clean! No cracks and crevices to hide bacteria!

photo 4

Now the Whiplash Eyelash Curler appealed to the “girly girl” in me. Why? It’s so pink and fru-fru! I love that it has pink cushions for it too! Another huge perk is that it came with 10 of those cute pink cushions for replacements when the others get used up and old! Know what else? They have a pack of 10 replacement cushions on their website for FREE! That means that this eyelash curler should be the very last one you’ll ever need! With so many greedy businesses designing products that will only work for so long in order to make more profit, it’s refreshing to find a company that cares more about product longevity, quality and customer satisfaction than money in their pocket!

photo 5It was designed to be very user friendly with an ergonomic handle, a smooth, pain/pinch free closure and a latch for easy travel!

photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)

Now my eyelashes are a decent length, but they have zero natural curl so I’ve used a curler since I was 15. I love the look of false lashes but hate the feel and don’t have the skill needed to apply them properly. I’ve come to find that a good curler and a good mascara can achieve the look I’m hoping for. The Whiplash Eyelash Curler does just that! It’s absolutely everything that it claims to be! No pinching, no pain, comfy grip, lovely curl! We have a winner folks!

Overall I have been very impressed by Crave Naturals! The products are very well made, quality items and their customer service is unsurpassed! Just check out their website and/or purchase a product to see just how much they care about their customers. Now they currently only offer three products but updates on their Facebook page and via email hint to several new beauty products on the horizon and I’m excited to see what’s in store! If they continue on the path their on, Crave Naturals will be a well known name in quality beauty items!

Check out my video review of these products!


SAVE 25% on any Crave Naturals products purchased on their website or on here on Amazon using code QJKTIRQD (Expires May 31st).
If you have a Prime account through Amazon I highly recommend purchasing there since you’ll get FREE shipping on top of your 25% discount!


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