It Get’s Me Everytime!!

I have shared this before on Facebook, but it never ceases to give me goosebumps! As a mom I can now understand and appreciate the extreme complexities and simplicities of the minds of our children. It is so very important that we examine and and intelligently approach the development of the sensitive emotional minds of children. In doing so we ensure their ability to manage difficult emotions rather than suppress them. We equip them with the knowledge and the confidence to not only face their internal battles but to properly deconstruct and solve them therein ensuring a better, brighter future for generations to come!
Now, as a parent, I’m not always confident in my ability to tackle this! Being a parent is a seriously tough business! Ensuring our children’s emotional development is just one thing on a 50 mile long list of things we are entrusted to do! Needless to say, I’m so grateful to have help from networks and programs that can assist in teaching the steps that should be taken by ourselves and our children for a vast number of emotional subjects and situations that we tackle everyday. That is why I choose to support our local Public Broadcasting Service and the children’s programs they’ve created which were built on a foundation of beliefs that this wonderful man advocated for his entire life. Please watch and share this video and consider giving to your local PBS station!


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