Natural Deodorant Update Two Years Later

It’s been about two years since I decided to review a handful of natural deodorants.

I thought I might do a quick update to let everyone know how it’s going. Well, I’m about half on and half off. After I quit breastfeeding my son at 2 years old I had a crazy time trying to get my hormones back to some steady level. I continued to perspire like a teenager and ended up looking pretty depressed as the only color of shirt I could wear was black in order to disguise the armpit stains. While I still love and use my Truly’s Natural Deodorant, which ended up being my absolute favorite out of all that I tested, I ultimately ended up needing an actual antiperspirant to combat my crazy pits! On days that I’m just at home I use my Truly’s, but on days where I leave the house I’m back to Secret Clinical Strength. It’s the only thing that works for me.

Initially I was really bummed and kind of felt like I had failed my little challenge but now I realize that we all have different issues in life when it comes to our crazy body chemistry and we need to address them in the best way we can in order to go through our daily lives without obsessing. I’m happy to wear colors again and express myself through fashion more. I’m not as anxious or depressed and have more confidence. So ya, half and half is where I sit. It’s better than nothing!

Do what works best for you and your body!


One thought on “Natural Deodorant Update Two Years Later

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