I took a nice long break from blogging because life got a little too chaotic. I had to make a choice to eliminate some things in order to maintain a healthy level of sanity. So, what has changed since I blogged regularly? Well, let me catch you up!

In June 2015 I had begun researching “natural family planning” in an attempt to rid myself of birth control. We certainly didn’t want more children and I had grown to dispise birth control. It looked so fool proof! Tracking my ovulation, counting days, taking temperatures. I got this! After discussing with the hubby I began this natural method in July 2015. In August I became pregnant.

Obviously I overestimated my ability to track my junk. I basically lost it. Tears, self pity, and random bouts of hyperventilating filled the next few months. I know children are a blessing but they’re also really hard man! I knew what was coming. The body changes, the exhaustion, the sacrifices. My kids had just begun sleeping through the night. I was free of breastfeeding and my body was my own again. I was regaining my sense of self and working out regularly. I knew a baby would change all of that. Well, I was right! After the most painful and complication filled high risk pregnancy I have ever had I naturally birthed my third child, another boy.

He really was perfect and I began believing that God was answering my request for a very easy baby until he was about 3 months old. All of a sudden I had a miserable baby. He was so uncomfortable and itched all over. His adorable body broke out in head to toe eczema and he was just so unhappy. In response I have eliminated dairy and eggs from my diet, rid our home of his soft toys, switched all fabrics to cotton, and detergents to natural.  It seems to help but we have an appointment with an allergist soon to hopefully determine the cause. Half of babies outgrow it so we’re praying to be in that category.

I have trusted God from the day I got a positive pee stick and boy was He right! Even though this fat baby boy is by far my most challenging, I wouldn’t give it up for anything. He is spectacular! Gorgeous! Another creative masterpiece complements of my entire amazing body and a teeny tiny sperm from my hubby. Yes, that’s all the credit I’m giving him because I did it all. ;p

In the midst of the sleepless haze of the past 7 months I have closed my cloth diaper business and put my tax preparation business on hold. There was just no time to focus on them. I know I’ll get back into it once the dust settles and I feel it approaching on a very distant horizon.

Overall I just trust God and His plans for us. I’m hanging in there and doing my best to raise these incredible gifts that He has blessed me with. Life isn’t easy and doesn’t follow my perfectly laid out plans but it’s good people. It’s just so good.


More to come soon!!



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