It’s Not Selfish

Today is New Year’s Day! I have never been one to make resolutions for the new year. It’s just never interested me. Why make promises that you can’t keep?

So here I am, glaring at the starting line for 2017, and deciding to take a stab at it! As I look around at my life and assess everything I have, am, and do I have decided that I need to make a promise to myself. Not to lose weight, or give more, or be more positive. Those are all great but the thing that I want to do, the thing I want to consciously remember to do each day is simple. I resolve to take care of myself. I want to take some time each day to do something for me.img_2773I find that I am so much better at following through with goals if I have a place to hold myself accountable so I decided to blog each day of 2017. I’ll post what I’ve done that day for me. Big or small, it will be here.

So today, January 1, 2017, I will take an extra hot, extra long bath. I won’t have an 8 month old in my lap. I won’t race through with an anxious sense of urgency. I will shave my beastly legs and use a damn loofa with something soapy. I will breath deep the steam of solitude and force myself into a relaxed state. I will watch a bit of something entirely inappropriate for kids on my phone. I may even make my husband deliver me a sissy wine cooler. Yes, this is Day 1 of my New Year’s resolution.


Jamaican me happy indeed!


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