What’s a Nap?

Last night was rough! My 8 month old eczema ridden baby had a reaction to God only knows what and became an itch monster. He was miserable all night. This, unfortunately, happens very often. As a matter of fact there is seldom a night that goes by where my baby rests easy. I honestly can’t remember the last time. To comfort him I cradle him to my chest while holding his free arm down to keep him from scratching. This is the only place he sleeps soundly, in my arms. I’m getting pretty good at propping myself up and snoozing in that position as I cradle him. I say snoozing because it’s not really sleep but rather a halfway point between sleeping and awake. Needless to say I’m exhausted.

I decided to pile the kids in the car and head to my mom’s (Granny) for a bit to get the kids out and give my mind a break. After nursing the baby she lead me to her room and gave me an eye mask and earplugs. “Take a nap! I have the kids.” Nap? What is this “nap” you speak of?

Now, I’m a semi OCD control freak. I can’t shut my mind off until the appropriate time and lately that’s after the older 2 go to bed and the baby starts itchy fussing. This is just that new baby stage of no rest, but I can’t say no to Mama when she has that tone. I also remembered my resolution and decided to give in. Even if I watch a movie on my phone I’m resting without kids so hey! Why not? Into her bed I crawled and began looking at Facebook. That’s the last thing I remember. An hour and 15 minutes later I woke up, more rested and renewed than I’ve been in awhile. So there it is! New Year’s resolution day 2! I took a nap!! (Cue the fireworks and confetti!)


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