Free Disney Family Decal

This is too cute! We just happen to be in the early planning stages of our Disney vacation and I came across this. You can create your own family decal and they’ll send it to you free! Check out ours!


Go make your own HERE and share it on my Facebook page!!


3’s a Crowd

Day 8, a few hours without the 2  older kids!

Hubby took my 6 & 4 year olds out of the house for almost 4 hours today! That meant that when the baby napped I could sweep, mop, work on my desk project, and take a quick 40 minute nap! It was perfectly heavenly! I’m so thankful to have a best friend to help during these first few difficult years with baby #3. As much as I love that child, he is SUCH a handful! Thank God for my awesome hubby!

Here is some of the progress I’ve made on my desk. It should be complete today. I just have to soap the drawer tracks and put the pulls back on. I decided to go with grey for the drawers. I think it will look pretty. One more coat of white on the pulls and it’s done!

DIY Part 2

Today was especially challenging. Lately difficult days are almost always due to my beautiful baby boy and his unfortunate condition of eczema. He had a typically itchy and upset night followed by a very itchy and clingy day. However, I still made a point of working on my desk because I want it done. It was more of a chore than a fun task due to my fussy boy, but I did it for me and that’s the whole point of my resolution.

Day 7, painting my new antique desk! I’m hoping to finish it tomorrow!

Almost done!! It will be so pretty!


Day 6! I purchased a lovely antique desk for $40 today! I’ve been meaning to downsize my office for awhile. The giant desk, wide file cabinet, and bookshelf are being sold. In their place I will have a lovely new to me piece to do my online schooling at. The extra space will begin to develop into a room for my baby.

I decided to paint it and I’m hoping to get started tomorrow! These projects are super exciting to me so this definitely falls into my resolution for 2017! I will update after!


Spiritual Food

I attend a weekly bible study called Bible Study Fellowship. It’s something I look forward to each week. It replenishes and encourages me. It’s spiritual nourishment!

I used to go for the kids but now I go for my own benefit. Day 5, spiritual replenishment !


I Guess It’s Something…

The baby is sick. He is SOOO needy, snotty, mucus ridden, itchy, just miserable. Needless to say we didn’t sleep. Today I cut my nails. It is definitely small and not exactly anything worth while, but I’ve been wanting to cut my nails for days so, ya. Today, day 4, I cut my nails.